Little Jimmy's Wheelhouse: quality bicycle repair & maintenance in Los Alamos, NM
"Don't put your bike out to pasture. Bring it to us!"

"Let us sweat the repairs so you can save your sweat for the rides"

Wheelhouse founder and lead mechanic James "Little Jimmy" Rickman founded his bicycle repair and maintenance business after repeatedly bringing his bicycles home from other shops after a costly tune up only to find his bike still lacking in performance and his pockets $100 lighter...

"Surely there must be a better way than the hit-and-miss maintenance performed by bike-shop employees who were really nothing more than bicycle enthusiasts and who had never been formally trained how to perform proper bicycle maintenance outside of bike-forum folklore or hasty watch-and-learn sessions imparted by other untrained shop employees," Little Jimmy thought.

This led Little Jimmy to earn certificates in Bicycle Assembly and Maintenance, Bicycle Repair and Overhaul, Suspension Service and Tuning, and Managing the Service Department at Barnett Bicycle Institute—one of the nation's leading bicycle mechanic training facilities. At Barnett, James learned that bicycle repair is a science, not an art.

(And sadly he learned, through direct observation, that many, many bicycle mechanics—even seasoned veterans at well-established shops—had for years been taking an ad-hoc approach to building, maintaining and fixing bicycles.)

Because of our training and commitment to quality, and because of lessons we've learned in the real world of being bicycle consumers and enthusiasts, at Little Jimmy's Wheelhouse we use a methodical and logical approach to bicycle repair and maintenance. Whether it's an annual tune up or major maintenance, you can be assured that your bike will receive the best care anywhere. Little Jimmy wouldn't have it any other way.

At Little Jimmy's Wheelhouse, our philosophy is simple: A happy bike makes for a happy rider,
and we're all about making your bike happy!

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